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   Cults are the greatest enemy of youth since Communism. Cults are even more insidious because they attack our chilldren at a very basic level. They attack the hearts, minds and souls of good Christian youth all over the world. Here at the Texas Cult Awareness Network, we provide a real solution for parents whose children have been mentally kidnapped by a cult. Using proven techniques first developed by respected Asian military doctors and psychiatrists between 1950 & 1953, TCAN has saved thousands of innocent children from the insidious terrorist tactics of cults and returned them to good homes with healthy Christian values.

   Once TCAN discovers a victim of cult brainwashing, we take several proactive steps to insure that the individual is reintegrated into society in a timely manner:


TCAN has been tracking what may be the most dangerous cult operating in Texas since the Branch Davidians. "Disturbathon" is run by an anonymous group of individuals who seem to take extra precautions to keep their identities hidden. Although the Disturbathon organization runs their illicit cult activities year-round, they are perhaps best known for a pornographic all-night party that occurs on or near that most un-Christian of "holidays", Halloween. The party serves as a recruiting device for the cult. Decency prevents us from listing the activities that occur at this event. The party is rumored to utilize mind control techniques developed by the CIA in the late seventies including a combination of sensory overload, post hypnotic suggestion and classic brainwashing techniques.

It is rumored that the organization follows a warped Christian ideology similar to the Children of God cult which has gained so much media attention. Although little is known of the group's internal structure it appears that they have links to the Extopian movement and view the Sci-Fi author Philip K. Dick as a modern prophet. Disturbathon, paradoxically, is sometimes opposed by participants of the wildly Satanic  (Wiccan/OTO) Burning Man event held yearly in Reno, Nevada. The basis of this opposition is uncertain but may be related to PETA, GreenPeace or other Neo/Green Terrorist organizations.

If you suspect that your child has fallen victim to "Disturbathon" or another cult, please  contact  TCAN at  rescue@texascult.org. We can help!



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Held Personally Accountable

“Twenty five years of helping cult victims has thoroughly convinced me that the wrongdoing by destructive cults will stop ONLY when ALL profit is removed from that wrongdoing by holding the cult’s top executives PERSONALLY accountable before the law! If you or a loved one has been harmed by a cult, get a lawyer and sue the cult’s senior executives today. They are ultimately responsible for the harm that the cult has caused you and your loved ones. By getting full legal and financial restitution from the cult’s ill gotten profits you will not only help make your life whole again you will also do the most effective thing possible to prevent the cult from doing the same harm to others. Be encouraged, there are now many legal precedents established on cult abuse and mind control. Destructive cults have already paid former cult members hundreds of millions of dollars either though secret out-of-court settlements, pre-trial settlements or through enforced court judgments. Stop letting your former cult keep victimizing you. Use the law to go get your life made whole again and to help stop the wrongdoing, I did.”

– Lawrence Wollersheim co-founder of Factnet, former cult member. Was paid a total of 9.2 plus million dollars in court judgments by the Scientology cult. To learn more click here.

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  • Out of the Cocoon: A Young Woman’s Courageous Flight from the Grip of a Religious Cult - by Brenda Lee.

    “…a heart-wrenching yet inspirational tale about a pre-teen’s battle to free herself from dysfunction. Take the journey with her as she survives stifling oppression, physical and emotional abuse and the ultimate - shunning by her family. See how, like a butterfly, she changes the world within her as her external world becomes increasingly unyielding. Discover more about your own past through her introspective, yet frequently humorous flight from insanity.”

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